Environmental Management &

Environmental Credentials with an Ethical Approach

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) have been part of Feddersen Consulting Group’s services for many years. Our EMS clients range from contractors who are required to demonstrate their environmental management capabilities and sustainability certification to those who have a contractual requirement to comply with an ISO 14001 Environmental Management system and others who want to demonstrate their status as responsible corporate citizens.

Our environmental consulting service, credentials and ethical approach have seen us engaged by the PNG Government’s Department of Environment and Conservation to write the current Code of Practice for the Palm Oil Processing Industry in PNG. Our expertise in environmental safety management is valued worldwide.

In Australia, our environmental management and sustainability systems clients range from contractors in regional New South Wales to a professional services firm with offices in all States.

Sustainability – Responsible, Safe and Sensitive

Sustainability incorporates operating in an environmentally responsible, safe and socially caring manner whilst meeting quality objectives.

To be certified as sustainable, clients are assisted and advised by FCG on developing and documenting a management system that meets the specified requirements yet is practicable, workable and readily adopted by local management. In our environmental sustainability consulting, we engage with local communities to achieve the best possible outcomes for them and our clients.

The Palm Oil and Cotton Industries have benefitted from FCG’s advice and support. We have advised clients in locations as diverse as Papua New Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo on meeting requirements for  certification to the Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO Principles and Criteria. Our consultants are approved Better Cotton Initiative Consultants.

Sustainability for the Palm Oil Industry has been a key role of FGC for more than ten years. A member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, (RSPO) an organisation with members from the Industry, Environmental NGOs, Governments, Processors and Consumers, we provide a consulting service to growers and processors to assist them in meeting the requirements to be Certified as Sustainable.

This involves working with employees, their families, external communities, Non-Government Organisations and Company Management to identify areas where sustainable performance can be improved and recommend on solutions.

Key areas of compliance include Legal Compliance, Social Responsibility, Safety of Workers and all Stakeholders and Responsible Environmental Behaviour. Our agricultural experience and engineering capability equip us particularly well to provide reliable and cost effective advice and guidance.

We have provided service to clients in many Palm Oil growing centers in the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Africa and Solomon Islands proving highly cost competitive.