Information Security Management Systems

With increasing reliance on the integrity of their electronic information, organisations are turning to us to advise on development and implementation of Information Security Management Systems that comply with the requirements of ISO27001.

Our trained staff assist as required with development of compliantĀ  management system documentation, system implementation and preparation for certification. Naturally, we provide ongoing support to ensure that certification is maintained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Information Security Management System?

AnĀ Information Security Management System is a combination of processes and policies that help you identify, manage, and protect vulnerable corporate data and information against various risks.

Feddersen Consulting Group will assist in developing an information security management system that complies with ISO:27001:2013.

How are information assets protected within an ISMS?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) comprises a set of procedures and policies designed to safeguard information assets and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. It involves the identification of information security risks through risk assessment and the implementation of security measures to mitigate those risks.
Feddersen Consulting Group specialises in developing effective ISMS that adhere to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

How do we get ISO certified?

Once you have implemented your management system an auditor from a Certification Body will sight objective evidence to support conformity with each of the sub-clauses of the ISO Standard.

The auditing body will confirm whether you have met the requirements of your proposed scope and the objectives you have set for yourself.

How does ISO certification ensure the effectiveness of an ISMS?

Upon implementing your management system, an auditor from an accredited certification body will assess objective evidence to verify compliance with the standard requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. This process ensures that your ISMS adequately addresses security incidents and aligns with international standards for information security management systems. The certification validates your commitment to continual improvement and provides assurance to interested parties regarding the robustness of your security framework.