Safety Management

Feddersen Consulting Group assists clients requiring a Safety Management System that complies with ISO45001:2018, Federal Safety Commission (FSC) Accreditation Scheme, National Audit Tool (NAT) or another applicable standard to develop, implement and maintain compliant safety management systems.

An important feature of all standards is the requirement to maintain compliance with all applicable legal requirements which mitigates the risk to organisations and individuals that results from failure to comply.

Our experience includes provision of full ISO45001 Certification Support and OFSC Accreditation Support in Systems Design and Development for Implementation at Company and Site Level. Assisting Clients by undertaking Maintenance/ Internal Audits, supporting clients through Full Accreditation Audits and even development of Corrective Action Plans. We can assist with training of Staff in Implementation of the designed Safety Management Systems and even provide temporary staff for short or long term support.

We develop and implement efficient Safety Management Systems that comply with TMR, TfNSW, National Self Insurer Audits to Pre-Qualification with relevant State and Territory requirements.

If you are looking for Safety Consulting support from an organisation that is itself certified to ISO45001:2018 or a WHS Consultant to conduct an WHS Compliance Auditor Gap Analysis, then get in touch with us today and speak with one of our Safety Management Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Safety Management System?

A safety management system is designed to manage safety risks in the workplace and protect the health and safety of employees and other interested parties.

Feddersen Consulting Group will assist in developing safety management systems that comply with the following: ISO:45001:2018, Office of Federal Safety Commission (OFSC) Accreditation, National Audit Tool (NAT), HV Chain of Responsibility (HVCoR), AustRoads Prequalification, and more.

How do we get ISO certified?

Once you have implemented your management system an auditor from a Certification Body will sight objective evidence to support conformity with each of the sub-clauses (clause 4-10) of the ISO Standard e.g., ISO:9001 Quality Management Systems.  We will assist in the development of the management system and ensure that it meets all of the requirements prior to the certification audit.

The auditor will identify any areas of the organisation’s system that may need improvement or are doing well. The certification process is a good way to encourage consistent improvement for the organisation.